David Delaney

David has over 10 years counselling experience working with diverse clients, and is currently completing a Masters in Psychology.  He is also a registered nurse having worked in outreach services.

Over the last few years David has worked full time at the tertiary (university) and TAFE (Polytechnic) levels developing, managing and teaching mental health units for undergraduate nurses at the tertiary (university) and TAFE level. This experience has provided him with a wealth of knowledge of therapeutic strategies in mental health, as well as a sound understanding of psychopharmacology and other medical treatments in mental health. Recently, David has worked as a senior instructor in Family Violence for Victoria Police.

The range of clientele seen have included those experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, post-traumatic stress, relationship issues and personality disorders. His experience is extensive and has spanned an age range of clientele  from 7 to 97! David has utilised psychodynamic, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioural and reminiscent approaches when working with his clients.  He describes his core approach as humanistic.

David’s research interest is in the experience of post-traumatic stress symptoms after major surgery, as part of his studies, and research into the mental health of the older population.

Availability: Wednesday & Thursday evenings between 5.30PM and 8.00PM and Saturday morning by appointment.

Clients who see David will not  receive a rebate for their fee.  However rebates will be available when David has completed his Masters research project in 2019.