Fiona Mawson

Fiona Mawson is a registered Psychologist with a Masters in Psychology (Counselling). She is an EMDR consultant holding registration with EMDRIA and EMDRAA. After completing her basic training in 2015 she progressed to advanced training with Dr Roger Solomon in 2015. She has participated in over 4 master class and 3 intensive training programs with Dr Roger Solomon with advanced skills to work with dissociative clients. Fiona established Kalinda Wellbeing Centre in 2012.

Fiona can see clients with complex presentations who may or may not have complex childhood trauma and who present with anxiety, depression, complicated grief, body dysmorphic disorders, performance anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, dissociative disorders, eating disorders, for stress reduction, chronic pain, sexual or physical abuse or disturbing memories.

Through therapy, we will explore the resources inside you and the challenges you are facing. Therapy can offer a way to reconnect with your creativity, your compassion, spirituality and sense of humour. Together we create a supportive space, a chance to explore cycles and patterns you want to change. Fiona uses tools such as EMDR, relaxation training, deep listening, exploring connections between current struggles and past experiences, and creative expression to help you move through grief, trauma and anxiety and move towards healing and wholeness.


Friday and one Saturday a month Healesville Clinic

Fiona is a registered NDIS provider at Kalinda Wellbeing Centre

EMDR Supervision

In addition to seeing clients, Fiona provides supervision to EMDR practitioners. Fiona believes in supporting and teaching clinicians how to prepare clients appropriately for EMDR processing and to stay attuned to their individual needs whilst processing is occurring.

She is passionate about supporting new EMDR clinicians to develop a trauma lens so that they can assist their clients to be informed by trauma memories, rather than to be controlled by them.

She seeks to inspire new EMDR therapists by supporting their learning so that they can inspire and support their clients on their journey to wellness through EMDR therapy.

Supporting consultee’s from basic training to being an accredited practitioner and consultant.

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