Haley Atkinson

Haley Atkinson is a Registered Play Therapist (APPTA). She specialises in professional therapeutic counselling for children aged between 3-12 (and outside these ages as appropriate) and practice in the Play Therapy modality. She is also completing her Masters in Professional Counselling and can see clients across the life span (children to adults).

Play Therapy is a professional counselling modality where the toys act as the children’s words and play as their vocabulary (Dr. G. Landreth). Children best express themselves through play as they do not have the linguistic capacities that adults have. A child’s behaviour will frequently tell you about the state of their world as they do not usually have the verbal abilities to tell us what is happening for them. By working with children in the play room Haley can help children to work through difficulties and process feelings in a way that empowers the child and capacity-builds their way of responding to events and sorts through feelings, emotions and behaviours to arrive at a place where a child is safe, secure and able to make sense of their world and events.

Haley can also counsel adolescents and adults who need assistance with a range of issues ranging from relational problems to recovery from trauma and abuse. In order to do this she works in various modalities and allows the client choose the best modality/s to assist their healing journey.

Haley can see clients after hours during the week and on weekends. She is registered at Kalinda Wellbeing Centre as an NDIS provider.