Experienced and compassionate psychologists and social workers.

Kalinda Wellbeing Centre has an experienced team of psychologists and social workers who are dedicated to providing effective, practical , evidence based psychological intervention.

All of our therapists are fully registered and accredited.

Our Practitioners deal with Depression and Anxiety issues as well as specialising in many other areas of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

David Delaney

David Delaney is a registered general psychologist, having completed a Master of Psychology (Counselling Psychology). He has extensive experience in counselling...

Jennifer Wood

Jennifer Wood has been counselling professionally for over 20 years, after graduating from...

Jennifer (Jen) Anderson

Jennnifer (Jen) Anderson has been working in private practice for over 12 years. With a diploma of Transpersonal Counselling, Jen is in the process of completing her Master of Professional Psychology ...more...

Pauline Salkind

Pauline Salkind is a counsellor with a Master of Psychology degree and over 20 years experience in counselling individuals and couples. Pauline  has worked in private practice and organisation specialising in ...more...

Choosing a Psychologist or Social Worker.

Both Psychologists and Social Workers have university degrees and as part of their registration are required to attend ongoing professional development training.

Our team of therapists are highly qualified with many years of experience and specialise in many different areas.

We recommend you call our friendly reception staff, who are trained with the knowledge of each therapist’s specialities and will assist you in making a decision on which of our psychotherapists would best suit your needs.

Our values are:

Care – we care for your wellbeing and work with you to achieve your therapy goals

Compassion – we are non judgmental and appreciate the difficulties and challenges you face

Commitment – we are committed to best practice in psychological interventions and commit to ongoing professional development

Confidentiality – your privacy is our concern. We don’t disclose information without prior consent unless required by law.